Soft Skills- Business Customer Service

Soft Skills- Business Customer Service

Soft Skills- Business Customer Service
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Consumers have plenty of choices and will fire a company at a drop of a dime if they get bad service. This is why companies want to assure that employees provide awsome customer service.

This course will help students develop the skills needed to communicate a message effectively by identifying the receiver, choosing a proper channel, and responding to feedback. Trainees will also learn how to overcome a variety of common forms of interference, as well as how to develop the skills needed to be a critical listener and respond appropriately to speakers. Project a positive image on the telephone, properly address callers, and establish good rapport. Trainees will be provided with opportunities to incorporate positive personal attributes into telephone interactions. 
•  Review seven elements of communication
• Choose an effective channel based on
   network structures
•  Respond effectively to receiver feedback
•  Reduce verbal & non-verbal interference 
•  Identify the difference between hearing &
•  Increase your productivity by listening
•  Use critical listening skills
• Recognize different listening problems
• Resist distractions while listening.
• Provide efficient customer service
   through good telephone skills.

• Demonstrate behavior callers

• Use screening methods.
• Distinguish between high & low priority

• Take accurate messages.