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Prep for the  Microsoft Office Specialist  (77-423) certification exam  
Course Overview: The Outlook Calendar allows you to create appointments and events, as well as schedule meetings. The Calendar is fully integrated with the other components of Outlook allowing you to easily incorporate your contacts and e-mail functionality with the Calendar. This course introduces the major components of the Calendar and discusses how to create appointments and events. You will learn how Outlook provides the Tasks feature to help keep you organized and to assist you with the various tasks that you need to process on a daily basis. This course demonstrates how to create tasks to help you to manage your time and stay organized. It also demonstrates the available options when replying to meeting requests and managing meeting requests.  You will become familiar with the many options that help you make creative, more visually appealing messages, as well as options that change how messages are sent. Also covered are how to check your message's spelling and grammar, how to track outgoing messages, how to add voting buttons, and how to set importance and sensitivity options.
Prerequisite: Outlook Basic
Expected Learning Outcomes:
  1. Upon completion of the course, students are expected to be able to:
  2. Create and manage appointments, events and tasks.
  3. Describe how to navigate and manage the Calendar.
  4. Create and reply to meeting requests.
  5. Work with meeting features.
  6. Apply various formatting and editing features to e-mails.
  7. Formatting E-mail and Configuring Message Options 
  8. Understand how to track and organize e-mails
  9. Insert tables, graphics, links, and Quick Parts into e-mails