MS-Access- Int
MS-Access- Int
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Preparation for part of the Microsoft Office Specialist  (77-424) certification exam
Course Outline This course offers several options for creating and managing forms. You will learn how to create basic forms from scratch, from an existing table, or using the Form Wizard. The course covers adding and setting form controls, as well as creating forms from application parts. You will also review various ways of formatting a form. Secondly, this course covers how reports are used to convert data into useful information. You will use various methods of creating reports to present summarized information easily and effectively. You will also review the use of the Report Wizard, Blank Report, and Report Design, as well as how to add and bind controls, group and sort data, and format and print reports.

Prerequisite- Access Basic

Expected Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the course, students are expected to be able to:
1.     Use various methods for creating a form
2.     Modify and format a form
3.     Demonstrate the process of adding form application parts
4.     Explain how reports are used and ways of creating reports
5.     Sequence the steps to sort and group report data
6.     Modify and format a report