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Prep for part of the  Microsoft Office Specialist  (77-423) certification exam
Course Overview: This course introduces the tools necessary for managing e-mails, scheduling tasks, and communication. It addresses the basic features such as: how to navigate Outlook, view and reply to incoming e-mails, and create new mail messages.  You will learn about working with attachments and adding signatures to your messages.  Managing your e-mail by sorting, filter, printing and deleting messages is also covered.  You will practice changing message preview settings, and adjusting the reading pane and people pane.  This course covers how to create contacts, so you can save yourself from having to type out full e-mail addresses every time you send a message.  You can further arrange contacts by creating contact groups that allow you to e-mail multiple contacts at once.  You will also learn how to manage contact information within the People folder and how to integrate contact information from a social network with Outlook.

Prerequisite:  Windows 

Expected Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the course, students are expected to be able to:
Create and manage e-mails.

  1. Reply and add attachments to e-mail
  2. Attach items to messages and view attached items
  3. Design email signatures.
  4. Configure message preview settings and the Outlook workspace.
  5. Describe the different ways in which to sort and filter mail
  6. Integrate a contact's social network account
  7. Create contacts and contact groups.