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Prep for the Microsoft Office Specialist (77-418) certification exam  
Course Description-In this course, you will learn about the features that make it easier to format documents, such as: themes, page backgrounds, adjusting paragraphs, and Auto-Formatting text.  You will learn how to break your document into multiple sections so you can alter aspects of a page - including page orientation, numbering, and headings - from one section to the next. You will work with features such as inserting: columns, tables, pictures, shapes, WordArt, SmartArt, screenshots, text boxes, and even online video to documents. You will learn how to navigate, search, and review your document and how to use the AutoCorrect options to customize spelling and grammar options. Also covered is collaborating documents and using the various reviewing features.

Prerequisite-Individuals wanting to take this program should have a basic knowledge of  
Introduction to Windows
Microsoft Word Basic
Expected Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of the course, students are expected to be able to:
1.     Apply and manage advanced formatting tools.
2.     Configure edit option settings.
3.     Review and manage documents using options from the Review tab.
4.     Sequence the steps to create columns and sections breaks within a document.
5.     Sequence the steps to create macros.
6.     Describe ways to add images, text boxes, and graphical elements to a document.
7.     Sequence the steps to insert online content such as photos and videos.