MS Win Server Designing and Implementing an Infrastructure
Preparation for the MS 70-413 Certification Exam
Course Overview: This course covers the Understanding of  the Active Directory forest structure; the mechanics of domain controllers, hosted services and strategic placement, along with Active Directory replication, appropriate design and efficient deployment of an Active Directory forest infrastructure. 
Audience Profile: This course is for IT professionals who want to gain knowledge of the advanced network services of Windows Server 2012 and/or who are preparing for Microsoft exam

Expected Outcomes: After completing this topic, you should be able to

·         describe Active Directory forest design models
·         identify factors that will influence forest and domain design model selection
·         recognize the characteristics of Active Directory sites
·         describe the Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC) in Server 2012 R2
·         recognize the differences between read-only DC and writable DC
·         identify the features and characteristics of an OU
·         describe Active Directory object security in Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
·         sequence the definite Group Policy setting process
·         identify the features of Virtual Machine Manager
·         identify DHCP management options in Windows Server 2012
·         describe the core features of DNS service
·         describe how to plan a File and Storage Service role
·         recognize how to deploy and configure Network File System (NFS)
·         describe IPAM service and features
·         identify VPN design considerations
·         match the VPN protocol to its functional use
·         match the three most commonly used VPN topology designs with their correct descriptions
·         recognize how the Connection Manager Administration Kit (CMAK) can aid in setting up VPN operations
·         describe the requirements for deploying server certificates
·         describe the principal DirectAccess deployment models in Server 2012 R2
·         describe the processes that support NAP
·         identify the components required to implement NAP with IPSec enforcement
·         recognize Web Application Proxy Management features

IT Fundamentals

A+ Essentials

Word (Basic)

Excel (Basic)

Outlook (Basic)

Customer Service Fundamentals

Effective Listening

Problem Solving and Decision Making Strategies