Soft Skills- Business Math Skills
Soft Skills- Business Math Skills
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Math is involved in all professions, companies and organizations. Weather it is to manage finances, calculate dimensions, create service proposals or track sales, work a register math is at the heart of all these tasks. When hiring professionals companies try to hire and promote individuals with good soft skills that are able to apply them properly in business. Math skills is usually on the top of the list.
This course is design for individuals that have basic math skills. This course will provide learners with the tools necessary to review mathematical concepts and how to apply concepts to the business environment, examine the following: how to use decimals, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; how to solve problems involving percentages to determine portions, a rate, a whole unit, and increases and decreases and how to apply these operations in business settings, explore the concepts of ratio, proportion, and how to compare different kinds of numbers,  discusses simple, weighted, and moving averages, using real-world scenarios.
  • Using Whole Numbers              
  • Using Fractions
  • Solving Equations
  • Using Percentages
  • Using Decimals
  • Using Ratios
  • Using Averages
  • Choose the necessary operation to solve a problem using fractions, and solve the problem, in a given workplace situation.
  • Convert a business problem into an equation.
  • Recognize the importance of understanding decimals in the workplace.
  • Calculate the base in a hypothetical business scenario, given portion and rate.
  • Solve for the missing variable in rate problems, given hypothetical business situations.
  • Solve a problem to determine a continuing simple moving average in a business scenario.