Soft Skills- Business Grammar Basics
Soft Skills- Business Grammar Basics
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You can’t write a
Proposal etc.,
If it's not grammatically correct
Before you can convey, promote, persuade, sell or recommend anything in writing, it must be composed correctly.  It all starts with good grammar skills. Companies want to make sure that there message is presented accurately. 

This course is the second step in the business writing series. The goal of this course is to learn how to write grammatically correct documents. You will learn to define the functions of eight parts of speech; nouns, pronouns verbs etc. the proper use of punctuation and capitalization. This course will also show you how to use words effectively and understand some key rules to spelling correctly. In addition you will learn the importance of subject-verb agreement and how to use commonly confused words correctly. 
Lesson 1- Parts of Speech
Lesson 2- Working with Words
Lesson 3- The Mechanics of Writing
Lesson 4- Punctuation
Lesson 5- Sentence Construction
Lesson 6- Common Usage Errors