Soft Skills- Organization Skills
Course Objective: In this course, managers and employees learn how to assimilate and make the best use of the stream of information that flows through their work environment on a daily basis. They explore ways to process, retain, prioritize, and preserve messages and data that are key to their productivity and effectiveness. Students develop the skills needed to manage time effectively. Students will use various time management techniques to meet their own deadlines as well as help their employees meet theirs.
Students will learn to:
•  Appropriately categorize and act on information received via paper, e-mail, and voice mail.
•  Use innovative reading and note-taking techniques to improve information comprehension.
•  Use association, personalization, & mnemonics to enhance information retention & recall.
•  Manage incoming information to prevent information overload.
•  Develop effective verbal, written, and electronic outgoing communications.
•  Understand the importance of time management.
•  Recognize the myths of time management.
•  Differentiate between important and urgent issues.
•  Identify time control problems.
•  Develop a time management plan.